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Full Version: Negligence Statements, Large Insurance Costs. Power Doctors To Shut Their Doors
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A growing number of doctors are restricting the medical services they provide, or making their practices altogether, for fear of malpractice lawsuits. That's since the increasingly large awards in malpractice cases are translating into expensive insurance premiums for most doctors and hospitals.

Even though doctors choose to remain in business, some are switching to states with laws offering better malpractice defense. For individuals, this may mean lacking access to the care they require, particularly in pregnancy or brain injury cases.

"It didn't really matter if I did any such thing wrong or how good a health care provider I was or how much time I spent with a patient or how much effort of myself I gave," says Cara Simmonds, M.D., an obstetrician who fundamentally stopped practicing medicine after a couple of baseless negligence claims threatened to significantly increase her insurance costs. "It was all a game and it generally does not measure your worth."

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Insurance Situation

"The malpractice insurance crisis goes back to early 1970s, when the cost of claims soared and professional medical liability insurance companies tried to deal with the issue by increasing health practitioners' premiums-sometimes doubling if not tripling them."

In 1974, tens and thousands of physicians faced the dilemma of not merely meeting the rising cost of rapidly increasing costs, but also finding a company ready to sell them this swiftly vanishing insurance plan. Medical practioners in many states took matters in to their own hands, creating their own professional liability organizations. These doctor-owned and/or controlled businesses dominate the marketplace, giving protection to over 60 percent of all doctors in the Usa, in addition to dentists, hospitals and other medical care providers, currently.

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