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Full Version: Re-Use The Links You've When Revising Your Site!
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Many times I've seen a web site undertake a revision and everything is brand new, also brand new links! You have worked so hard to obtain those great page rates for all your pages and then you get rid of them? NO NO NO.

Many times I've seen a web site undergo a revision and every thing is brand new, also brand new links!

You've worked so hard to get these great page ranks for the pages and then you remove them? NO NO NO. It's the exact same reason people get "expired domains." Simply since before search engines, sites & web websites have an opportunity to discover there is number web site anymore, somebody simply changes the site to suit their needs and uses the traffic arriving!

Let's say that you've constructed your mind and you wish to change the entire structure of your site. When you achieve this, go through all your links and record the pr your pages have today.


Site 1 (PR 3/10)


Site 2 (4/10)

Site 3 (2/10)

Now I'd look at these pages and utilize the pages which have a position of (4/10) for my most important information when I think about the new format. This will immediately get my site shown under the new information within Google.

Generally, I do not usually re-use pages which have a list of 2/10, 1/10, 0/10. Anything higher will soon be strongly considered.

This may help search-engines to recognize, a) Yes your website has changed, t) we're familiar with the pages they're re-using.

People BOOKMARK all the time to pages!

What if you removed all of your old pages and made some new ones what'll happen to your visitors that have a bookmark for anyone old pages??? They're now left feeling like your website is down, deleted or does not exist anymore. We learned about rank checker tool by searching webpages.

Try adding a "Page no further exist" message to allow your people know that you know about the issue, if you're going to discard some previous links and you are sorry for the inconvenience.

So when re-designing your entire site, don't forget to re-use those high ranking links you curently have for the site.

Looking For All Of Your Pages Online:

If you are like me, and you have more than 500 pages listed in google, it's also important to proceed through google to see if you've overlooked any pages while performing changes on your own site.

type in "" in Google so that you get most of your link. Do not forget the supports. Learn further on an affiliated paper - Click here: compare buy backlinks.

A link should be seen underneath your listing by you that states: "[ More effects from ]"

This can show you all of the pages listed within Google. Identify additional info on this partner paper by visiting best link building services. Take a moment to go through all the links found within Google and be sure that you've caught all your old, obsolete pages and correct the issue appropriately.

Good luck with all your changes!.