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Full Version: Positive aspects Of Levitra Over Cialis Can Ignite Your Sex Life
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Levitra and Cialis each are oral therapy medicines that are utilised for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Nevertheless levitra stands 1 step ahead of cialis. Studies carried out earlier have portrayed that the percentage of folks benefited by levitra is much more than those benefited by cialis.

Each levitra and cialis are the drugs that have been approved by FDA. Levitra has captured the pharmacy sector by its efficient final results and fewer side-effects. It helps attain an erection within 15 minutes right after taking the medicine. Its effect lasts for a longer period of time, almost about 16 hours. On the contrary, cialis begins its effect after 30 to 36 minutes and any long term good impact with this medicine has but not been reported. For more information, you may look at: more information. Therefore, levitra functions faster and has longer lasting effects.

A single really should not consume any of these medicines with out the prescription of the physician. A single pill of levitra is taken every day whereas cialis typically needs the patient to take 2 tablets in a day.

Levitra can be taken with or without food. There are no food or alcohol restrictions with the intake of this medicine. You can go ahead enjoying parties and romantic dinners. Whereas if your are consuming cialis, you may possibly require to take it empty stomach. You doctor can manual you greater with regards to the dosage of the medicine.

Levitra has confirmed to have lesser side-effects as compared to cialis. Although levitra has been identified to be a protected medicine for heart patients, the use of cialis in a similar situation can be dangerous. The side-effects that can be induced although consuming cialis are as under-:



Stomach upset

Nasal stuffiness



Skin rash

Blurred vision

Urination issues

Side-effects other than these listed above can also happen. Levitra may result in a few mild side-effects such as dizziness or a slight headache. In contrast to cialis, it is not expected to cause any harm to the patients vision.

The success rate with levitra is calculated to be a lot more when compared to cialis. If people require to get new resources about homepage, we know about many databases you might pursue. Although each the drugs function alike, recent findings recommend that levitra may operate a lot far better.

Levitra has revolutionized the pharmacy sector. Get extra information on next by navigating to our stylish wiki. Erectile dysfunction cannot land you in a state of embarrassment any much more. Use levitra and get an less difficult and a lot harder erection. Refurbish your sex life and enjoy the climax of sexual intercourse. Make you spouse happier by gratifying her sexual urge..