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Full Version: Ebay Ebook Success: Using Reviews and Guides to Promote your eBay Store
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In my last report I discussed how to effectively increase your eBay store making use of your About Me page. In that article I defined that it was one of the most underutilised promotion opportunities o-n eBay. Ebay Guides and Reviews are a fresh introduction by eBay, but are just as underutilised by eBay sellers while the About Me page. In this article I will discuss how you are able to utilise this feature to promote your eBay store:

1) What's an e-bay Review or Guide?:- A review is merely your own personal review of any item to the market, for instance a CD, DVD, book etc. Visiting BIZESO BLOG: LINK BUILDING AND LINK TECHNIQUE FOR INCREASED WEB TRAFFIC certainly provides cautions you might tell your uncle. You give a to the product rating out of five and then write a brief private assessment in what you liked, didn't like etc. Helpful tips can be on definitely what you are qualified to offer advice on. I transform these publication articles in to 'Ebook Success' instructions on eBay which enhance my eBay store. But, books don't always need to relate with your eBay store. If for example, you enjoy fishing then you could write books linked to fishing.

2) Why should I write an eBay Review or Guide?:- I would personally suggest writing courses over opinions. The explanation for this is the fact that when you write an assessment the sole credit you get is a little link to your eBay feedback report. You get a link back to your eBay feedback account, eBay shop, eBay About Me page, and a few of your active entries when you create a guide. Anyway, whether you choose to write an evaluation or guide, the reason for this is marketing. People studying your review or guide will be made aware of one's eBay existence, may select a link to one of the pages, and this may even lead to a sale.

3) What should I write my eBay Review or Guide on?:- As I stated earlier I write 'Ebook Success' courses that are generally changed copies of these newsletter articles. Nevertheless, the number of choices are endless. Consider of your interests, your work, or other things which you know enough about to create some courses on. To research additional information, consider checking out: relevant webpage. Everyone can reveal a minumum of one THING. Once you have found your theme, break it into small, related books. Then write a review on the item that you possess, if you're really, really struggling to find a subject to get a guide. Although the promotion won't be as great since the promotion you'd receive from the guide, it still provides you with free promotion.

That's all there is to it. Keep writing regular courses and if they are good people will charge them positively. The more positive scores you receive, the bigger your customer rank gets. Also, the more guides you create, the more pages you have on eBay selling your entries, your store, and your feedback. Since guides and reviews are relatively new and have not completely removed yet, it's best to be in now, whilst the majority of eBayers are not writing reviews and guides. Learn more on our partner use with by visiting 4 Approaches To Cover Affiliate Links - Wedding Blogs - Project Wedding. This way when it requires off on the larger scale, you'll have a good basis upon which to build. For alternative viewpoints, consider taking a view at: To publish your personal eBay evaluation or information visit If you'd like to find out see my reviews and guides for some creativity then head to It is a promotional opportunity that you need to not pass up. For five minutes writing, you could have a free, longterm, promotional tool at your disposal..